How to Choose a good Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Choosing the right attorney is very important to your bankruptcy success. You and your lawyer will work together with the aim of restructuring your finances and have a fresh start. A good attorney has the capacity to speed up the process and ensure you gain back your finances using the shortest time possible. Choosing a wrong attorney can be costly and disastrous. So what features should you look at in a good attorney?


Bankruptcy is a complicated mix of federal and state laws as well as regulation and the applicable customs. An experienced attorney is well informed about the local creditor attorneys, court clerks and the behaviors of the bankruptcy judges as well as trustees. This kind of local experience is very valuable in simplifying your case and a case which has no fewer complications is likely to be concluded on time.

Up Front Fees

A good bankruptcy lawyer with take you through his or her fee structure. He will inform you what bankruptcy fees cover and explain them to you in a detailed manner. Some of the things included in the bankruptcy fees include credit counseling, court filing fee, attorney fees as well as the personal management fees.

Because attorney charges are usually difficult to raise for someone with financial constraints, a good attorney will advise the amount you need to pay in advance and your suitable payment option.


It should be obvious for an attorney to work for you immediately after you have hired him/her and paid the required fees. Regrettably, there are some busy bankruptcy offices who have individuals who are not fully qualified as lawyers and they tend to act as an intermediary between you and your lawyer.

Paralegals are an essential resource but your lawyer should be readily available to provide solutions to various legal questions.


A qualifies to be an attorney after practicing law for a couple of years, and this can make a lawyer to lose passion for the judicial system. A passionate attorney will be in a position to represent you well and work hard to ensure you succeed in your case.

There are different signs to tell whether your lawyer is passionate about your case or not. Below are some of the indications that an attorney is not passionate.

– Does not provide room for clients to respond to questions.
– Doesn’t respond to call or emails on time
– Does not provide detailed information for the entire process.
– Sometimes he/she ignores your concerns.

Bankruptcy law is a growing business. Good and experienced attorneys are not hard to find if you have adequate information about where to find them. After you have sampled a group of attorneys it essential to interview them in person.

Choosing a bankruptcy attorney needs to be taken seriously since it involves serious matters and should be handled by a person who is experienced and highly qualified in this field. So before reaching the final decision to hire the attorney of your choice, it’s essential to consider the qualifications you are after.